U.S. Businessman James P. Stuckey Helps Rebuild Haiti
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After the disastrous earthquake in 2010, James P. Stuckey jumped into action and utilized his post-catastrophe development experience to assist the people of Haiti in rebuilding their country.

James P. Stuckey is no stranger to helping rebuild infrastructure after tragedy. His work near Ground Zero after the September 11 attacks helped New Yorkers regain control and begin the healing process. James P. Stuckey says that after this disaster he became aware of the need for more education in the area of post-catastrophe real estate development. James P. Stuckey utilized his position as the Dean of the NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate to create a discipline to educate developers on rebuilding disaster stricken areas.

James P. Stuckey’s work caught the attention of the Clinton Global Initiative and he was appointed by President Clinton and Haitian President Martelly to a special Presidential Commission that would focus on this area. The Post-Catastrophe Reconstruction Program has become so popular at NYU that during the 2010/2011 school year students were involved in researching four separate infrastructure projects in Haiti, says James P. Stuckey. Several Non-Government Organizations in Haiti and the U.S. have praised the program as an asset in the progress of regrowth, adds James P. Stuckey.

According to James P. Stuckey, Haitian businesses and builders are now being advised by US students in many areas. James P. Stuckey says that student contributions have proven invaluable to Haiti. For Instance, the Haitian Government is using student research in their new master redevelopment plan, highlights James P. Stuckey. The country is trying to thin out the dense population of Port-Au-Prince to avoid the high number of casualties in the event of another major earthquake, hurricane or disaster.

James P. Stuckey hopes that one day the program will be more visible to the entire world. Although he is now retired, James P. Stuckey has continued to research the area of disaster response development. His particular interests are research and analyze all of the factors that need to be considered to help respond more quickly and efficiently after disaster strikes, says James P. Stuckey. By reacting immediately after a tragedy, lives can be saved and normalcy can be more quickly restored to people in the throes of hopelessness, insists James P. Stuckey.

James P. Stuckey says that rebuilding areas wrought with disaster, whether natural or man-made, is vital to the global economy and should not be ignored. A strong faith and respect for his fellow man has led him to this calling.

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James P. Stuckey is a pioneer in both public and private sector real estate development. He has crafted billions of dollars in projects that have created countless jobs and improved the economy. In his home state of New York, James P. Stuckey served the city on the Board of Directors for the NYC Public Development Corporation and the West-Side Task Force, among other appointments.


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